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One of the biggest questions we receive from our clients is about efficiently protecting their household from future hazard risk. In order to do that, we highly advise our clients to be as proactive as possible. Meaning, always have an emergency plan in case the situation goes beyond your control. One of the best ways to do this is to always have our phone number handy. Our specialists are very quick to react. By having a trusted team of specialists, the risk of severe damage to your property gets reduced substantially.



One of the biggest questions you can ask yourself when hiring a specialist is – how do I choose a good company? The answer is to always do your research, find their reviews (negative and positive ones) and always contact their previous clients to ask for their opinions. We pride ourselves on having amazing reviews because service quality is our biggest value.


Our team consists of professionals who have solid backgrounds in dealing with property damage. We act fast, work efficiently and are ready for any challenge, regardless of how big the project is. Rest assured that when you hire Dry Express, you will have the best customer experience in the area.

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If you’ve experienced an emergency in your home or business, then you understand the immediacy involved with hiring a good expert. No matter how large or small the devastation to your structure, you’re going to be dealing with a long list of related issues that will only grow if you don’t begin the cleanup right away. At Dry Express, we understand the urgency associated with experiencing an emergency. Our focus is on getting our clients out of harm’s way from any additional problems that can arise after the incident and protecting their structures from any further damage before beginning the cleanup process. We respond immediately and take action to begin the process of securing the structure right away.

After we’re contacted by our clients for help in dealing with the damages, we put in every effort to examine the situation and fully understand what our customer needs as well as take every precaution to halt any further mutilation to their structure. Once our emergency response teams have the situation under control, the potential harm to homes and businesses doesn’t end there. In fact, some of the worst damage to homes can be done from soot residue left to sit for long periods of time as well as smoke desecration. These things can cause further issues to structures because of their chemical makeup which can be detrimental to components such as metals and glass.

The last thing you should have to worry about after the problem has been taken care of is how to protect what remains from additional dangers like looting or chemical disfiguring from residue. Our team is specially trained to first secure the home by closing up any open areas like doors and windows with boards and then identifying which areas will need the most immediate attention in order to minimize any additional damage.

One of the most common questions we are asked by clients is how they can help protect their homes and structures against further damage – and it’s easy to understand why. Few things are as devastating as losing your home and/or treasured belongings to such destruction, so we fully comprehend the urge to be proactive in protecting them. While no one is safe from the risks of potential hazards around them, especially in areas with higher than average risks due to natural conditions, it’s not only understandable, but imperative and responsible to take all possible precautions to protect your home from destruction.

So, how do you go about protecting your home and belongings against potential dangers and hazards? With millions of dollars in damages each year, hazards and potential damages are a major concern for home and business owners in California, making damage prevention efforts a primary focus for many. Since so many factors can contribute to the risk of an emergency happening, it’s impossible to eliminate all risk, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t precautions you can take to decrease their probability.

The best way to protect your home from hazards is to be as prepared (and proactive) as possible. This starts with having an emergency plan in place as well as practicing responsible prevention actions all year-round. These include things such as making sure your home is kept free from unnecessary clutter and debris (things that are combustible and toxic), as well as keeping outdoor combustibles away from your home (fallen leaves, dead trees and shrubs, etc.). Other things such as sleeping with doors closed in your home can help protect various areas (and people!), as well as making sure properly working smoke alarms are active at all times as well.

When your home or business has been damaged, it may be difficult to focus on what steps you should take to begin. Often times we can find ourselves in shock and at a loss for what our next steps should be after we have had a terrible experience. Local trusted experts will understand this and put in every effort to minimize your stress by taking immediate action and helping you get back on track.

As difficult as it may be to set aside the anxiety of what has happened and put all focus into resolving the situation, the sooner you do this, the better. Since your home or business can suffer additional disfigurement from smoke and soot residue left to sit too long, hiring professionals to begin the clean-up process immediately is imperative to limiting the destruction incurred. By extension, this also means you’ll need to hire a contractor who understands this urgency and is available immediately to help you right away. You will want to hire experts who are able to dispatch a team as soon as they receive the call and work with both you and local officials to secure your home as soon as they are cleared to do so.

Another important factor to keep in mind before hiring an expert in this field is their overall knowledge of the process. Finding a company that understands the unique set of hazards associated with an emergency is also crucial to getting your home or business back to normal quickly. The experts at Dry Express are fully trained to first secure your home, then begin the specialized cleanup process to minimize additional mutilation as well as getting your home cleared of any harmful air irritants like lingering smoke damage in ventilation systems. We are also well-connected in the area with the best contractors who can help you seamlessly rebuild, handling the process in its entirety from start to finish and giving you less to worry about.

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