We have a lot of customers that call about issues with wet ceiling drywall in San Diego County. This is a water damage remediation related issue. Many times it is a leaky bath tub, leaky  pipe, broken pipe, or a leaky drain pipe. Many other times we see it as an issue with tile on showers or an overflow drain of a bathtub or a drain connection at the bathtub. Similarly it can be an issue with leaky valve or a toilet drain seal.

Issues with leaky bath tubs an other related issues can be difficult to assess. But at Dry Express Restoration we specialize in opening the problem up, drying the structure out, identifying the issue, and if needed recommending a leak detector to identify the problem. There are many cases where it is a multitude of issues that arise that are causing the leaking problem. We have diagnostic equipment such as moisture meters, infrared cameras, and probing cameras to find the issues. Other times it is a combination of using these devises along a plumbing company’s leak detection equipment to trouble shoot the water origin.

Customers many times want a company that “can do it all” or that can be a “catch-all” for their leak related issues while at the same time be able to dry the structure out, remove the mold, and repairing the drywall, etc. This is a large task for one company to handle all “in-house.” We attempt to stay without our bounds of our specialty of drying and repairing along with minor leak detection. This means that sometimes it is needed to call in a separate leak dedector, which we can coordinate.  We realize the need for certain specialties and can help you trouble shoot your property issues while providing excellent customer service and keeping our service within the realm of our specialty.

Call us today! 619.597.2003 and we can help you take care of your drying and plumbing needs, weather it is in-house or though a needed specialist.

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