Fire is an awesome force that cannot always be contained. A single spark can unleash fast moving fires that will engulf homes, businesses and anything else in its path. Residents are currently struggling with fast moving wildfires that have already destroyed 20 homes, threaten hundreds more and killed at least one person. Gusting winds and dry conditions make the fires nearly impossible to contain as they consume hilly brushlands and rush across the area. Whether you live in the path of these dangerous fires or not, it’s wise to be prepared in the event of a serious wildfire.

Knowledge Is Power, So Stay Informed

You don’t have to keep the news on 24 hours day to be informed about wildfires near your area. Stay connected with local news agencies by joining their Email list or liking them on Facebook. This will allow them to notify you directly of approaching fires or a change in wind direction that could push a nearby fire closer to your home.

Be Prepared With An Evacuation Plan

It’s vital that you take the time to map our several evacuation routes and corresponding meeting locations. Fires could approach your home from several directions, so you need to know how you would escape its path in any event. Discuss the plans and meeting locations with family members, and make sure that all family members know what is expected. Review the plans occasionally, so they will always be fresh in your memory.

The Items You Would Save

It’s easy to look back after a tragedy and think of things you would have liked to save. It might be pictures, your grandmother’s wedding china or a special doll for your daughter. The trick is pinpointing those items ahead of time. You cannot take everything with you, but you can have a list of the most important things to grab in the event of emergency evacuation. Many items can be saved through fire damage restoration, but sentimental belongings can never be replaced. Keep important papers like birth certificates, marriage licenses, insurance papers and Social Security cards in a metal lockbox that you can put in the car and take with you in event of fire.

Know Who You Will Call For Fire Damage Repairs

There are countless companies offering fire damage restoration services, and you want to hire one that is honest and reputable. It will take a little time to find a company with a great reputation who will deliver high quality work. Searching for the right company after a tragedy is stressful, and you won’t feel like doing the necessary research to check references. However, you can always connect with the Dry Express Restoration team before the disaster strikes. When you already know whom you will call for restoration services, you will feel less stressed when it’s time to start repairs.

Fast moving wildfires are terrifying. While you cannot save your home if it is in the path of a fire, you can save your family and a few special belongings. Be prepared with an evacuation plan, and make sure that the family is familiar with it. Stay informed by getting on your news station Email list, and find a reputable fire damage contractor ahead of time to simplify your life if the worst should happen.

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