What are the Types of Water that can Cause Damage to my Home

There are three different classifications that are used to classify water that intrudes into a home. Determining the source of the water is important, because it plays an important factor in determining how it needs to be cleaned. It also plays an important factor in determining insurance coverage and the cost of remediating the water damage.

First, there is what is commonly referred to as Category 1, or relatively clear water. It is usually water from pipes inside the structure. It may be from the hot water heater. Health risks associated with exposure to Category 1 water are usually low, provided the issue is addressed within forty-eight hours of occurring.

Second, there is water referred to as Category 2. This is usually referred to as ‘Gray-Water’. This is water that usually comes from indoor appliances, such as washing machines or dishwashers. It can also come from sink, bath or shower drains. It usually includes water that has some chemicals in it, like detergent or soap. Category 2 water damage can pose mild to sever health hazards. Grey Water can promote microbial growth and the severity of the condition usually increases with time. Both direct and indirect exposure to greywater damage can affect the occupants’ personal health.

Third, there is what as referred to as Category 3 water. This is usually referred to as ‘Black-Water’. Black Water is water from contaminated sources. This includes sewer water, or water from outside the structure, like flood waters, storm surge, or ground surface water. Category 3 water will affect the indoor environment. The risk of getting an infection or illness from exposure to Black Water is more than 90%. Dealing with Black Water requires special caution.

Regardless of the classification of the water, it is imperative that the water intrusion be addressed promptly. The longer the water is present inside the structure, the more damage and health risks it will cause. That is why it is so important that you call an experienced professional remediation company like DRY EXPRESS RESTORATION as soon as you discover the water intrusion.

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