Why Repair Water Damage?

You come home to find a puddle of water on the wood floor of your dining room. You look up, and see a water stain on the ceiling. You think; ‘I am glad I took out the carpet and put in this flooring. It will be a lot easier to clean up.’ At this point, you have two options:

1) Mop up the water on the floor, and hope that the ceiling does not stain, that it dries out on its own, that it does not leak anymore, and that there are no ill effects from the water. Or,

2) Turn the water off and call a plumber. Look to see if there is an electrical outlet anywhere near where the water is, and unplug anything plugged in. Then call a professional and experienced water damage remediation company.

If you choose (1) above, maybe your home will heal itself and you will have avoided any costly repairs, but that is unlikely. The more likely outcome is that you are going to have more problems than if you had made the second choice, you just put them off for a bit. If you chose (2), a plumber will come out and diagnose what caused the leak, and fix it. Then you will need to call a water damage remediation company to recover from the effects of the water intrusion.

After water intrusion is stopped, an experienced and certified water damage remediation company, like DRY EXPRESS RESTORATION, will inspect your property and do moisture tests. Once you authorize them to do the remediation work, they will likely remove the section of the ceiling that was stained, and allow the area between the ceiling and the upstairs floor to dry properly. They will also test for mold. If the area had been moist for a prolonged period, they will need to remove any rotten wood and treat the remining wood appropriately. They will check to see if any of the adjoining walls were damaged or exposed to prolonged moisture. They will also check the dining room floor. If the area remains moist, they may need to remove the floor and check the subfloor. They may employ fans and/or a dehumidifier. They will do what is needed to make sure your property is properly dried out.

Why do all this? If excessive moisture or water is not exposed, but remains trapped in an enclosed area, it will cause damage. Lumber, drywall and other building materials used in building most structures are not usually treated. Such material is porous. When it is exposed to prolonged moisture, it begins to rot and lose its structural integrity. If there is warmth and humidity, mold may start to grow. It may mildew and rot. So, if water gets beneath the roof, in the walls or under the floor, it may be difficult to dry out. That moisture can do extensive damage over time. You can be protected from such damage by using a company like DRY EXPRESS RESTORATION.

If you do discover water intruding into your home, you are going to need to discover the source of the water. If the water is contaminated, as opposed to being relatively clean, it will be more important and expensive to properly address. That is because the indoor environment can be made hazardous very easily from contaminated water.
In conclusion, it is very important to take appropriate steps if you discover water intrusion in your home. Don’t simply dismiss it. Call an experienced professional remediation company like DRY EXPRESS RESTORATION.

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