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    It is common to ignore the dark and damp places in our homes and businesses without knowing the repercussions. However, if left unchecked, these places provide mold with a suitable environment to thrive. Any site susceptible to moisture, like your house, office, car, or any other structure you spend time in, is vulnerable to this toxic and dangerous substance. Since most people are not aware of what to look for when it comes to mold, San Diego Dry Express has an expert team that can recognize mold and recommends the most effective solutions to stop its growth and prevent health effects associated with it.

    Our mold removal solutions ensure safety from mold growth, whether you intend to sell your property or live in it for many years. Although most people opt to deal with mold themselves, there are situations where it is so widespread, becoming a challenge for property owners to control or eliminate it. That’s where we come in, with professional tools and experience to assess the damage and stop it from further damage to property and human health.

    The truth is that no property owner wants to hear of the word “mold,” let alone leave with it under the same roof. Apart from the various health implications of mold, it can directly impact the property value, leading to losses when you put your property on the market.

    At San Diego Dry Express, we believe that mold needs to be dealt with as soon as you find its traces in your property.

    Our team of professionals is highly trained and can quickly identify the telltale evidence of mold, including musty odor, peeling wallpaper, dark spots on the wall, and visible mold spores.

    We believe that mold can quickly be dealt with if identified early, but if it’s ignored, you risk it spreading to floorboards, and drywall which requires remodeling a large section of your property, which is a costly endeavor.

    If you intend to sell your house in the future, and you are not aware of the presence of mold or the extent to which it has spread, San Diego Dry Express offers free consultation and solutions that will ensure you get your property’s worth or more.

    It is advisable to bring our experts on board as soon as you detect mold since there could be many other underlying factors that range from a burst pipe to a leaky pipe, which ultimately lowers the property’s value. In addition, with modern equipment and removal techniques, our team of professionals can reach the inaccessible parts of your house like upholstery, drywall, permeated wood, and other materials that cannot be achieved using ordinary mold removal solutions.

    It is almost impossible for an untrained person to identify the full extent to which mold is spreading inside the property. Comparing the cost of removing and controlling mold cannot be equated to the amount of money lost when the property depreciates. Mold is easily spread through air conditioning, circulating air from fans or open windows, and furnaces. Before actualizing an effective mold removal strategy, our experts assess the full extent of its spread so that any effects can be dealt with before it is too late.

    Mold should be identified and eliminated in advance since it is highly toxic and has a lasting effect on a person’s health depending on the length of exposure and the species. Although most people ignore its presence and continue with life, as usual, some are considered vulnerable to the effects of mold. This vulnerable group consists of seniors, children, people with pre-existing health conditions, and pregnant women. With a vast majority of households comprising of members in this group, San Diego Dry Express is dedicated to ensuring that mold doesn’t become a nuisance to your health and that of your loved ones.

    Some of the health implications associated with mold exposure include:

    Mold Sensitivity

    Sensitivity to mold exposure varies from one person to another, depending on the vulnerability and duration of exposure. People who have pre-existing medical conditions are more sensitive to mold and develop allergies, leading to the deterioration of their health or worse. Some of the symptoms to look out for include sore throat, chest and nasal congestion, coughing, sneezing, skin irritation, dry or irritated eyes, and regular headaches. You could be experiencing these symptoms without being aware of the actual cause. Having our team conduct an all-around mold removal ensures you remain in tiptop shape.

    Mold-related Infections

    People with compromised immunity are at risk of developing infections if they are exposed to mold for long. If there’s something that people have learned over the last year, it’s essential to maintain good health practices. Mold removal might be something that most people overlook, but it remains a significant practice geared towards improving an individual’s health and well-being. At San Diego Dry Express, we take mold removal seriously and incorporate modern technology to ensure you don’t fall victim to mold-related infections.

    Respiratory Conditions

    As the world battles Covid-19, staying healthy is the priority for most people. However, regardless of being healthy, prolonged exposure causes respiratory complications like asthma for susceptible people. Therefore, it is advisable to consult our professional team for top-notch mold removal services and protect yourself and your loved ones from these respiratory conditions. Do not let mold threaten your well-being; let our abled team of experts help you get rid of mold, using top mold remediation equipment that will prevent the problem from recurring.

    While mold removal can be a DIY project that you can undertake, San Diego Dry Express uses specialized methods and equipment to ensure total mold removal while stopping new growth from occurring. The remediation process is always the same since the mold damage situation varies, with each requiring a unique solution. However, the time it takes to complete the entire mold remediation process is determined by various factors. Some of these factors include the area of the property affected by mold, the amount of mold present, and the type of material contaminated by mold.

    Once you suspect that your house or workplace has mold, it is essential to identify it and then remove it. As basic as it sounds, mold remediation is not one of those projects you do on your own, and that’s where we come in as a professional mold remediation company.

    Our trained experts can conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine whether your property has an abnormally high level of mold. This is achieved by testing indoor air quality or an ordinary visual inspection that calls for immediate remediation before it gets out of hand.

    The following steps to a thorough mold remediation process are conducted by our certified and trained professionals, who have tons of experience removing and cleaning mold from indoor space. These steps include:

    • Antimicrobial application Antimicrobial is an inhibitor designed to prevent the damage caused by microbes such as mold, mildew, bacteria, algae, and fungus. With the appropriate equipment and gear, the San Diego Dry Express team uses it to treat affected surfaces before or after a mold remediation exercise. Our vast industry knowledge enables us to choose the proper antimicrobial and biocides with an extended range of effectiveness, unlike locally conventional products. In addition, using modern application techniques and equipment, we can guarantee that the product used will not dissipate quickly. We also use products that pose no health risk to our clients, making it applicable in most places like furniture, carpets, wood, flooring, fabrics, and many other surfaces.
    • Source identification Mold is commonly found in places exposed to water or close to water, which raises the question: Are residential and commercial structures safe? With most of these structures having indoor plumbing, bathrooms, basements, window sills, and sink cabinets, it is safe to say that these spaces are suitable environments for mold growth. Our technicians can identify specific areas in your property with high moisture concentration using industry-specific, state-of-the-art moisture detection equipment and inspection tools. Through thermal imaging, we can determine the source of moisture and prevent it from intruding.
    • Containment Once we have identified the primary source of moisture, the next step taken by our professionals involves containing it so that it does not spread quickly. This will require repairing the source of moisture intrusion and then isolating the contaminated areas so that mold spores do not spread to other places risking another contamination. We take containment seriously since it is a critical measure in reducing the potential effects of cross-contamination to the rest of the property that's not affected.
    • Air Filtration Mold spores can quickly become airborne, rendering the entire remediation process ineffective and risk another contamination even after a thorough removal exercise. Therefore, in conjunction with containment, it is vital to clean the air with appropriate equipment to eliminate all the traces of spores. San Diego Dry Express uses high-quality, negative air machines containing a high-efficiency particulate air filter throughout the remediation project. Our focus is to ensure that dust, mold spores, volatile microbial organic compounds, and other debris are removed from the affected area.
    • Removal and cleanup In most instances, removing the affected materials is the most effective way to ensure a successful mold remediation process. This may require our team to remove affected insulation, drywall, carpet, wood trim, and even furniture. We adhere to industry standards set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification to ensure our clients get professional mold cleanup for your businesses and home. Mold contamination that exceeds 10sq. Ft requires a licensed environmental hygienist to provide you with a final clearance test, giving our clients peace of mind that the mold problem has been mitigated.
    • Replacement If you have suffered mold contamination, you might have had to remove all the materials that presented signs of mold growth, depending on the extent of damage you incurred. In such situations, San Diego Dry Express provides restoration and repair services of the affected areas to a pre-loss condition.

    It’s no secret that mold damage inside a space you inhabit poses potential health risks and material damage. It is crucial to involve our professional mold remediation specialist, mainly because of the assurance that an expert is in dealing with the problem and with the appropriate tools and equipment necessary to get the job done. San Diego Dry Express is all about credibility, in providing an overall value that fixes and prevents problems.

    By choosing our team for mold remediation, you are guaranteed a proper mold assessment. A common reason for mold growth and its resulting sickness is a combination of both humidity and air conditioning. We can conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the source of the problem and solicit quality cleaning and removal techniques that obliterate mold. As soon as you contact us, you can rest assured you will get a comprehensive mold assessment.

    Our high level of experience gives all our clients confidence in our quality of service from assessment to treatment and cleaning of the affected areas. The six steps of remediation listed above ensure quality when it comes to remediation and protects you from future contaminations. This will save you the cost of having to buy different products to treat your property. In addition, our team can accurately isolate the problem areas and respond appropriately to industry-standard products and equipment.

    Hiring us for mold removal provides you with the knowledge that will prevent future mold-related issues and tips for safe, secure, and proper ventilation. Having us on board also gives you honest and dependable communicators with vast industrial knowledge and can provide you with practical solutions to prevent future contaminations. In the long run, our services end up saving you money since there won’t be any need to handle mold problems yourself or resulting in different ineffective solutions.

    At San Diego Dry Express, we pride ourselves on being the best for mold remediation, not only in San Diego but also in the larger California region. We offer a wide range of services like fire clean up, water & sewerage removal & dry outs, mold remediation, move-outs & content cleaning, reconstruction & restoration, and power washing.

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      Part of roof was torn off during the storm, water leaking in, soaked carpet, padding and walls. Terrance, Ivor, Charlie and the entire crew at Dry Express Restoration have been amazing. Excellent customer service while helping us through a stressful time. They explained the process and quickly responded to our immediate crisis. I would highly recommend this company, considerate, hardworking crew put our minds at ease. Thank you guys, I only wish I could give you more stars, 5 just isn’t enough.

      Susan S. (San Diego, CA)

      Dry Express Restoration are true professionals they answered the phone and were ready to start working the same day. I had a water burst in the laundry room with wet drywall on all 4 walls. Dry Express Restoration came quick and cut out all the wet drywall sprayed some stuff to kill the mold. The dry out was complete in 4 days. True professionals from start to finish, they answered the phone every time I called with questions. Wet dry wall is a mess don’t try to take on this job your self call a professional company like Dry Express Restoration. They have special tools to read the moisture levels in the dry wall. Wet drywall seems like a small easy fix but its not because of the mold that spreads quick. Mold is a big problem thats toxic and you want it out of your home as quick as possible.

      Cristian A. (Chula Vista, CA)

      When my rental property sustained storm damage, Dry Express Restoration responded immediately and fixed the entire problem. Terrence,the Vice President of the company, skillfully guided me through the restoration and insurance process with reassurance and professionalism. Every member of his crew was very courteous and hardworking according to the tenants. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who has incurred damage to their property. 5 stars

      Mike F. (La Costa, CA)

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