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    Water is an essential commodity with numerous benefits to our health and our daily lives. However, the truth is that most of us have incurred significant and minor losses because of it. At San Diego Dry Express, we understand the destructive side of the water, especially when it intrudes and causes system or material destruction. Our expert team has experience assessing different water damages and responding with the most effective solution guaranteed to rectify the issue long-term. Our primary focus is to provide top-notch water extraction services by working directly with your insurance to ensure efficiency throughout the water damage restoration process.

    Whether residential or commercial property, if you inquire; which potential disasters are likely to occur in homes? Water is expected to take the top spot. There is no getting around the fact that water can be a destructive force of nature, despite its numerous benefits. Our professional team at San Diego Dry Express understands this, and that’s why we deal with water damage depending on the level of destruction for maximum results. Unfortunately, like most catastrophes that take place, water damage has no warning and can occur at any time.

    For a practical solution, it is vital first to understand the root cause of the problem. Our years of experience in the industry help personalize every mitigating solution to suit your situation for optimum results specifically.

    There are many different causes of water damage, which are common, especially for any property with in-door plumbing. Some of the common causes of water damage that we usually come across include:

    Severe Weather

    Despite San Diego having a mixture of both dry and rainy weather throughout the year like most Mediterranean cities, it receives tropical storms and remnants of such storms more frequently than anywhere else in the larger California region. Although these disasters do not happen every day, when they take place, there’s no definitive way of determining the extent of water damage to your property. Our experts understand what heavy downpour can do to your roof, a common cause of leakage as water enters your business or house. Please do not wait until you are a victim of adverse weather; let San Diego Dry Express help you mitigate these issues before they get out of hand and you end up losing property.

    Clogged Gutters

    Gutters systems are vital, especially when it comes to drawing rainwater away from your residence or business. If left unchecked, gutters are prone to blockages when things like debris, branches, and leaves get stuck and prevent water from flowing away from your property. This causes water to flow along the edges of your building, resulting in structural damage to the ceiling, walls, and floor. Since clogged gutters take time before the damage is visible, our focus is to prevent it from ever getting to the point where you will require reconstruction. Please do not wait until it is too late; onboard our professionals and cover any potential risks caused by clogged gutters.

    Leaking Pipes

    Regardless of how good your plumbing is, over time, you are likely to experience leakage. This can result from loose-fitted pipes, broken pipes, regular wear, or other factors that compromise the structural integrity of your plumbing system. We can conduct an in-depth assessment depending on where the leakage has occurred and provide you with a solution. No doubt, leaking plumbing can have serious repercussions that require costly repairs. San Diego Dry Express provides cost-effective plumbing solutions despite the extent of the damage. Whether it is a loose kitchen pie, a broken pipe inside the wall, or a leaking pipe underneath your concrete slab, we can help you prevent further damage and rectify what has been compromised.

    Washing machine water supply line leaks

    Not all water damages result from poor plumbing or environmental factors; water supply lines that feed your washing machine are common water damage agents in most residential properties and commercial establishments that operate these machines. Our extensive experience and industry knowledge enable us to identify the root cause of the problem and correct it. Since most of these lines are made from PVC or rubber, we recommend using braided stainless steel that is durable and less likely to leakage. These lines can cause a lot of damage in the laundry room since all it takes is a slight rapture, and water will fill the space in minutes. Suppose you suspect that your lines are not going to last. In that case, San Diego Dry Express offers consultations and recommendations on enhancing your water systems and lowering the risk of potential leakages.

    Condensation from AC

    Water damage does not necessarily mean that the water has to come from outside for it to be a nuisance and risk to your property. The air conditioner produces condensation, usually collected at a drain pan and drained out through a line. Most people don’t know that the drain pan can get damaged or the drain line clogged, which begs the question, where does this moisture go? Our experts can assess the drainage system of your AC to prevent water from dripping and causing damage to your walls and floors. If you can’t tell your air conditioner has an issue, check if your insulation is soggy. San Diego Dry Express provides solutions for water damage of different magnitudes, whether big or small, through modern techniques that guarantee success.

    Leaking water heater

    Water heater systems are among the leading causes of water damage in most homes due to poor maintenance or age-related wear. If your water heater was installed a long time ago, then chances are it will spring a leak. When it comes to caring for such systems, our team of experts at San Diego Dry Express can help you ensure they are in tiptop shape, preventing basement flooding and other related damages. By addressing the possible causes of leaking water heaters, we can minimize water damage. Working closely with your insurance helps us to consider different variables that determine coverage. We recommend that you consult your agent to review your policy and learn what is covered when dealing with water damage and repair, which also helps to reduce the costs involved in restoration.

    Water damage occurs more often than most of us would like to admit. Regardless of whether your property is new or old, you can be a victim to water damage which comes with unprecedented damages of varying magnitudes. We take leakages severe because of the risk they pose to the property’s structural integrity, which only worsens over time if left unchecked. However, the fact is that most property damages caused by leaks and water could easily have been avoided. According to the American Insurance Association, most of these issues could be avoided in advance of care, and maintenance was given to known minor problems. Unfortunately, despite most people choosing to fix these problems independently, it doesn’t dispute that only a handful of them can manage repairs. At San Diego Dry Express, we believe that once you notice signs of water damage, that’s the tip of the iceberg which requires expertise and experience to diagnose and repair before further damage is incurred.

    Water damage is usually the door to other issues aside from structural damage like mold growth, which results in small and big health complications. As soon as you get remediation and fix the problem, the better it will be for yourself and the property. Although water damage signs usually present themselves mildly, delay to repair results in spending more money and is also hazardous for your health.

    We understand that spotting these signs is a bit tricky for most people, and that’s why we offer a free consultation to determine the extent of water damage. Our professionals are trained to detect hidden, subtle, and gradual signs before any action is taken.

    If you are not sure when to contact us, here are some of the common symptoms of water damage you need to look out for:

    • Musty odor When you come across dampness or elevated humidity, there's a high chance your property is experiencing water damage. These signs are accompanied by a musty odor which could be a result of the resulting mold growth. Bathrooms and kitchens are usually the most common areas where such signs can be detected since water is a primary factor for water damage to exist. However, the attic and the basement are also areas where you will likely come across such a smell. Our experts are trained to keep an eye out for sudden changes in smell and assess how seasonal changes contribute to the water damages you are experiencing on your property.
    • Appearance of mold A common sign of water damage that most of us ignore is mold-dominated or stained ceilings and walls. Mold growth will usually spread from an epic center, which signifies the water damage point of origin. Our highly experienced team knows exactly where to look for signs of mold, depending on your plumbing and other factors. Usual places where you are likely to see signs of decay include the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room simply because of the moist surface, which is a perfect environment for mold growth. Our primary focus is to enhance the comfort of your residential and commercial property by preventing structural damage and health risks associated with mold.
    • Change in appearance to walls, ceiling, and flooring When you fall victim to water damage, you will experience dry walls and ceiling becoming bubbly and flaky, which later become swollen or bloated and malleable to touch. Once you come across this, don't hesitate to consult us so that the problem is dealt with to avoid its progression. The corners of rooms are often overlooked, and therefore moisture can collect at one point and encourage mold growth. San Diego Dry Express has a team that is well trained to detect such vulnerable areas and recommend the most appropriate solution to prevent irreversible damage to the sub-flooring.
    • Outdated water supply systems A significant giveaway for residential water damage is outdated water supply systems. Most people think that having solid pipes guarantees prevention from water damage. However, our experts can look beyond that and focus on other determining factors like faucets and connections, which are the most common culprits. At San Diego Dry Express, we conduct a comprehensive water supply system inspection on a scheduled basis to isolate the root problem and provide a personalized solution designed to deal with the issue effectively. Although systems like the air conditioning and furnaces are likely to incur problems over time, we offer regular checkups and maintenance so that they don't increase your chances of water damage.
    • High utility bill If you ask most people with big houses whether they notice any changes in their property, you will be surprised to learn that they go days without setting foot in some rooms. This creates an opportunity for water damage to progress undetected. Once you receive your utility bill and notice that it's higher than usual, there's a chance you have damaged faucets or pipelines causing leaks. Our expertise in the industry enables our team to use the appropriate equipment to find leaks that are out of sight, like inside walls. Using professional tools and extensive knowledge, we can tell if water damage is recent or old, which determines the next course of action.

    San Diego Dry Express offers you a fully qualified, trained, and certified team of experts who are focused on helping you with water-related issues. We know how expensive water damage repairs can be, and that’s why we work with your insurance to relieve you of the cost-related burden. In addition, our team is fully equipped with the latest tools, customized for dehumidifying and drying affected areas within a moment’s notice, allowing you to resume your everyday life.

    Once you contact us, our experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your property to provide you with a clear picture of what is required for an effective and successful restoration process. After identifying the waterlogged areas in your home, we contain all the electrical appliances and other hazards to secure the affected areas in your workplace or house. Then, depending on the extent of damage, our team can recommend the perfect solution to mitigate the problem. In case of severe floods, do not worry. We use specialized equipment like high-performing flood water extractors so that much of the water is removed.

    Our team can completely alleviate any worries you might have about unwanted or excess moisture through industry-grade dehumidifiers and air movers. After rectifying the problem, we use air filters to eliminate odors and maintain the expected air quality. Repairing structural damage is vital in restoring your home and office to their former glory, safe and secure. San Diego Dry express can conduct all structural repairs needed to make your space more comfortable.

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      Part of roof was torn off during the storm, water leaking in, soaked carpet, padding and walls. Terrance, Ivor, Charlie and the entire crew at Dry Express Restoration have been amazing. Excellent customer service while helping us through a stressful time. They explained the process and quickly responded to our immediate crisis. I would highly recommend this company, considerate, hardworking crew put our minds at ease. Thank you guys, I only wish I could give you more stars, 5 just isn’t enough.

      Susan S. (San Diego, CA)

      Dry Express Restoration are true professionals they answered the phone and were ready to start working the same day. I had a water burst in the laundry room with wet drywall on all 4 walls. Dry Express Restoration came quick and cut out all the wet drywall sprayed some stuff to kill the mold. The dry out was complete in 4 days. True professionals from start to finish, they answered the phone every time I called with questions. Wet dry wall is a mess don’t try to take on this job your self call a professional company like Dry Express Restoration. They have special tools to read the moisture levels in the dry wall. Wet drywall seems like a small easy fix but its not because of the mold that spreads quick. Mold is a big problem thats toxic and you want it out of your home as quick as possible.

      Cristian A. (Chula Vista, CA)

      When my rental property sustained storm damage, Dry Express Restoration responded immediately and fixed the entire problem. Terrence,the Vice President of the company, skillfully guided me through the restoration and insurance process with reassurance and professionalism. Every member of his crew was very courteous and hardworking according to the tenants. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who has incurred damage to their property. 5 stars

      Mike F. (La Costa, CA)

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